Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Killer is coming

Assalamualaikum killer is coming nearer and nearer. Gosh! am I too leisuring? of course not! I have been struggling for this two weeks to be honest. All of my time are spend for the notes.. and for sure, for this upcoming killer. He/she will come on this sunday, 9 am till 12 pm. And all of us need to struggle and pull up our socks to fight with him/her. Ya Allah, make our way is easier so we are able to save our lives and also we are able to fight for the 3 hours..Don't know why I'm feel like i'm quite...err..supposed I described it as a relax? yeah..perhaps..I do studying, done with my revision, and feel worried..but then there is strange feeling inside here that make me wanna feel like being quite relax..and yeah, my mood can turn rapidly when there is some influence at my surrounding. example? when I see people studying..or people are too relaxing while i'm being like an owl. pusing sana pusing sini thinking of why am I being so calm?

weird huh? but that's the fact. saya pun tak dapat nak decribe kan..but one thing for sure, i just can't wait for this monday evening..i'm going to leave Puncak Perdana..hehe~

Ya Allah, give me strength..

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